Lush – Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Lead Design
art direction

Client: Lush

The #carrythecup pop-up was a vegan coffee shop with an agenda: to educate people on the impact of single use plastic.

Lush Studio Manager Michael O’Brien explains: “Reducing our reliance on plastic has been at the forefront of Lush’s innovations for the last 23 years. Beyond cosmetics, there are habits we can break and simple changes we can make to reduce or remove single-use plastic from our lives. By transforming our front exhibition space in to a friendly coffee shop, we want to invite London locals and visitors inside for a free cup of coffee (or tea) and an informative discussion on how to ditch the single-use coffee cup, and learn to #carrythecup.”

2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in the UK, and with less than 1% of them being recycled due to the plastic coatings. That’s a whole lot of unnecessary waste going straight to landfill and contributing to the eight million metric tons of plastic waste that enters our oceans each year. The simple act of swapping your takeaway cup for a reusable one instead could make a big difference to the environment. Lush collaborated with Change Please, who support homeless people by training them as barristers and giving them jobs at their various sites across London. Good coffee doing good.

I was brought in at the early stages of this project and worked closely with the Lush team to visually communicate a number of key facts and figures, which resulted in a series of posters. We also created a friendly, warm yet contemporary interior.

Credit: Furniture design by Melody Morton.

Location: Lush Soho Studio, Beak Street, London